Ban-Air Systems and the Environment

Environmental Policy

Concern for the environment is an integral and fundamental part of our corporate business strategy. Ban-Air is committed to good environmental management practice and to aid the prevention of pollution in connection with the performance of all our Ban-Air business operations, and those of our customers and partners

Ban-Air shall endeavour to work closely with all of the relevant statutory bodies to meet and exceed all applicable legislation, regulations and contractual obligations

We shall seek to make continuous improvements to reduce our impact on the environment

Ban-Air recognizes that wasting energy causes avoidable pollution and will therefore aim for the lowest possible waste generation at source. Everyday materials will be reused and recycled to minimize the need for waste treatment or disposal and to conserve resources, and we will endeavour to keep emissions caused by our logistics to a minimum

Ban-Air will liaise with suppliers and customers to facilitate the best possible environmental practices in the manufacturing and installation chain and promote the recycling of materials at all levels to sustain and protect the environment. Our Customers and supply chain are our valued partners in this joint endeavour

Ban-Air is committed to supporting the local community in its environmental initiatives, to achieve environmental excellence in all our business operations, to discuss environmental issues regularly at the highest levels within the company and to train and regularly consult employees on good environmental practices

Environmental Responsibility and Your Order

At our OFFICES, we take great efforts to minimize paper usage, reusing scrap paper, print double-sided and recycling waste. Wherever possible, our product literature is distributed in electronic format, minimizing printing, and we eliminate unnecessary use of electrical items/lighting to minimize electricity consumption

At our DISTRIBUTION SITES, we recycle all the paper, plastic, wood, and metals used in internal order processing. Packaging materials are reused on new orders rather than recycled wherever practical to do so. We also prioritize the purchase of packaging materials containing recycled content whenever available

During SHIPMENT, we take great care to optimize the weight and volume distribution of every transport means (truck, shipping container or pallet) in order to lower our fuel consumption and therefore C02 emissions. By planning each shipment on specially developed software, our staff can ensure that our shipment methods are environmentally responsible

During INSTALLATION, we will separate all packaging materials and other waste into paper, plastic, wood, steel and hazmat (if any) for onward collection and recycling

Ban-Air Products and the Environment

Ban-Air products have all been designed with careful consideration for the environment and its scarce natural resources. The spirit of Ban-Air embraces space maximization, resource optimization, and efficient design, manufacture and logistics. These guiding principles make Ban-Air products stand-out in terms of longevity and durability, in a society increasingly driven by consumption. We build products to last decades, not years, and are proud to extend lifetime warranty to all Ban-Air systems. Just like the rest of your equipment, we would like you to move your Ban-Air systems wherever you go, and have built inherent adaptability into the design, enabling easy reconfiguration of system heights, lengths, widths, and functionality

Ban-Air has developed custom solutions for the safe storage and handling of hazardous materials, enabling efficient segregation of stock classes and the safe containment and treatment of spillages away from the storage area. Allowing users to withdraw a contained spillage completely from the rack facilitates safe treatment of potentially environmentally damaging contaminants and safeguards employees. In other specialist fields such as cold storage, Ban-Air systems help reduce the amount of energy consumed by allowing the consolidation of more stock into the same freezer/chiller space, reducing energy consumption per product stored

By employing Ban-Air Adjustable Rack with uniquely designed steel pallets, you will reduce your internal need for consumable wooden pallets. Ban-Air pallets not only engage the Ban-Air rack as a shelf, but can be completely withdrawn from the system and used as carrier pallets. As Ban-Air pallets are made from heavy-gauge steel, rather than wood or plastic, they are extremely robust and are built to last for the life of the whole Ban-Air system, far outperforming the life-expectancy of any wooden or plastic equivalents, which require regular replacement

The Ban-Air team has always tried to minimize its environmental footprint, and a key element of this is the 'knock-down' nature of the product. Needs change, organizations move, and we recognize the need for Ban-Air storage solutions to adapt with you. Being able to unbolt, reconfigure, extend and relocate Ban-Air systems encourages their lifetime use and re-use, increasing Ban-Air's longevity and lowering the environmental lifecycle impact of your purchase. Products consume huge amounts of energy in their manufacture, so it has always been our concern to maximize Ban-Air durability from an environment and customer value perspective

Finally, Ban-Air recognize that despite all best efforts, accidents can happen, and should a system get damaged beyond effective repair, you need only replace the damaged component, unlike other rack systems requiring replacement of the entire rack. All components are recyclable and we encourage the recycling of any damaged components. When, if after decades of loyal service, the time comes to dispose of a Ban-Air system, you will be pleased to know the entire system is recyclable

We know you will miss it, but the materials will live on